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(3) Constitutional Amendments Added in the Second Constitutional Amendment

The members of the first National Assembly quitted working on December 31, 1991 according to the corresponding stipulations and members of the second National Assembly, all selected from the free area at the people?s will, reported to work on January 1, 1992, which was one of the fruits of the constitutional government innovations after the constitutional amendments were made at the second provisional meeting of the first National Assembly.

On February 9, 1992, for the purpose of impelling the later work in constitutional government innovations, an order was issued by the president that the provisional meeting of the second National Assembly should be convened in order to carry out the work of the second-stage constitutional amendment on March 20, 1992, in accordance with Article 6 of the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of China, which stipulates ?For the purpose of National Assembly?s carrying out its authority prescribed in Clause 27, Item 1, Article 3 of the Constitution, a provisional meeting should be summoned by president within three months after the second National Assembly members? quitted working.

A total of 121 proposals on constitutional amendments were received at the provisional meeting of the second National Assembly, which were discussed and dealt with in accordance with the procedure for constitutional amendment and on May 27, 8 constitutional amendments were passed after three times? reading, which were submitted to the president for proclamation. On May 28, 1992, an order was issued by the president that Article 11-18 of the amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of China officially come to effect and be implemented.

The main contents of the constitutional amendments passed at the first provisional meeting of the second National Assembly include: readjustment of authorities of National Assembly for the purpose of the smooth working of the political power and the administrative power; prescription of the principle that president, vice president should be elected by all people in the free area of the Republic of China and the election way should be decided at the provisional meeting of National Assembly which was to be summoned by president since May 20, 1995; a constitutional court should be added by the grand justice of the Judicial Yuan, to hear such cases as parties? dissolving issues owing to their violating the Constitution; readjustment of the authorities of the Examination Yuan, who should be in charge of such legal items as appointment and dismissal, examination, grading and payments, promotion and degradation, rewards and punishment of public servants, as to the implementation of such items, they should be administered by employment or related institutions so as to make clear authorities and obligations and to increase efficiency; redefinition of the Control Yuan as the national supreme control institution instead of an institution of public opinion, who should be solely in charge of prosecution, impeachment and auditing, whose approval right should be transferred to be owned by the National Assembly and whose control members should be reduced, not to be distributed in terms of areas for the purpose of playing its control function to a full part; prescription of that mayors of cities under the direct authority of the Executive Yuan, governor of the Taiwan Province should be directly elected by the people, for the purpose of carrying out local systems in the spirit of the fulfillment of the legalization of regional autonomy; enrichment of the fundamental national policies, protecting rights and benefits of the crippled and compatriots living in mountainous areas, strengthening economic, technological development as well as environmental protection in order to step up the national construction and to improve the people?s welfare.

(4) Constitutional Amendments Added in the Third Constitutional Amending

According to the original planning, the reform on the constitutional government should be finished within two years, which should be further divided into two stages. The tasks in the first stage have been finished in April 1991 as planned. When it came to amend the Constitution at the second stage, owing to the disagreement among members over whether the presidential election should take the form of ?nominated election? or ? direct election?, a compromising scheme was finally reached through negotiation, which stipulated in the constitutional amendments in the way of ?fore-noticing constitutional amendment? that: ? president, vice president should be directly elected by all people in the free area in the Republic of China, starting from the ninth president, vice president. The above-mentioned way of election will be stipulated in constitutional amendments when the provisional meeting of the National Assembly is summoned by the president before May 20, 1995.?
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